Steve Sanson for Nevada State Assembly District 13

My fellow residents of Assembly District 13, I have decided to run for Assembly against the incumbent.

I have chosen this path because an elected official should never lie to the voters and over tax working class Nevadans, after the voters have rejected a tax increase.

This is what the current establishment has done to you. These backroom deals and politics conducted as normal practice, must stop.

The incumbent would like you to be ill-informed or entirely uninformed of his voting record.

I have been working against corruption as President of Veterans In Politics International, since 2005, dedicating my time and resources to the public for free.

We have exposed corruption, fought against unnecessary tax increases, educated the public on candidates running for office, and championing veterans' rights.

As a citizen, I have testified and offered ideas on several bills that have ultimately become law.

This will not be my first rodeo.

As your Assemblyman, I will do my very best to fight for you.

Steve Sanson

Steve Sanson - Citizenship Award

Steve Sanson & Vice President Dick Cheney

Steve Sanson & Gibbons

Steve Sanson shaking hands


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